About us

We stock a selection of Spanish and international wines, singled-out for their unique qualities and limited production. Our wines, which are sought-after by wine enthusiasts all over the world, are made with care and respect for the vineyards, many according to the strict principles of biodynamic viticulture.


Founded in 2016, Caskadia brings fine wine diversity to the Spanish market thanks to a portfolio of hand-picked, exclusive producers from around the world. We have been passionate about wine for many years and we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience working with fine wines from old and new world regions such as Burgundy, Rhône, Tuscany and Napa Valley. A key aspect of our work is providing a personalised and tailor-made service to our local and country-wide clientele. Our showroom is located at the heart of Barcelona, where we regularly hold private tasting events.

Tom and Arthur - team Caskadia

Tom Symons

Over ten years working in the wine business, now specialising in fine wine sales to wine bars and private clients.

Arthur De Gaulejac

Sommelier for seven years, working with wine lists in Michelin star restaurants and private members clubs.