Tom Symons and Arthur De Gaulejac from Caskadia

Caskadia: International Wines

Caskadia was founded because the Spanish fine wine scene was missing some great wines! It was an opportunity simply too good to ignore: to represent legendary wine producers, to gain exclusivity for top wineries which had never been officially distributed in Spain before. The Caskadia portfolio was built from scratch, starting in 2016, and was created by Arthur de Gaulejac, ex-sommelier in several Michelin star restaurants and Tom Symons, a fine wine professional and student who is currently preparing the prestigious WSET Diploma qualification.

Caskadia imports limited production fine wines with a focus on biodynamic, sustainable viticulture and minimum intervention winemaking. The wines are authentic, by conveying terroir from individual vineyard sites they are blessed with a true sense of place.

All the wines they distribute have a common denominator: they are wines with soul, with identity. Caskadia started with just a few references from Burgundy, and over the years Arthur and Tom have slowly incorporated new wines from regions further afield. Today, the selection is more diverse than ever whilst remaining true to the company’s core values. There are now over 300 references of wines from all over the world, this thanks to the many tasting trips Arthur and Tom embark on each year to visit producers and taste new wines.

Caskadia Fine Wines Spain

Fine Dining

There are currently over 200 Michelin star restaurants in Spain, the fine dining scene here is booming! Sommeliers are increasingly seeking originality in their wine lists, whilst keeping a close eye on global gastronomic trends and combining the most famous fine wines of the world with newly established, hip producers. In the finest restaurants, wine-pairing is an essential component for the creation of a unique, sensory experience and many feel the level of sommellerie in Spain has reached new heights. Sommeliers are seeking to surprise customers with new, more obscure choices which encourage the discovery of all kinds of nuances. After all, a memorable culinary experience enables our palates to travel thanks to both the ingredients on the plate and the wines that are so expertly chosen. Caskadia’s client base includes sommeliers from some of Spain’s most prestigious restaurants, as many of the wines they offer, names like Gianfranco Soldera, François Raveneau and Henri Bonneau are fast becoming ‘unicorn wines’, that can only be found in select places.

The Showroom

Caskadia Tasting Showroom

Located on a quiet street in a central Barcelona neighbourhood, Caskadia opened its showroom in 2017 (Carrer de Sant Vicenç 33, 08001). It’s a place full of character, where good wine is regularly enjoyed thanks to Caskadia’s tastings. These range from informal ‘after-work’ sessions with private clients to in-depth Masterclasses led by the winemakers themselves. These are fun occasions where trade professionals and wine enthusiasts come together, further establishing Caskadia as a leading promotor of international wines in Spain. Examples of such events held at Caskadia include Masterclasses by Chiara Mondavi of Continuum Estate in Napa Valley (article by wine writer and blogger Miquel Hudin: And Dal Forno Romano in Veneto, presented by ambassador Marco Pinna (article by Wine Cuentista:

Written by Esther Ibáñez, Free-lance wine writer and journalist

* Please note we have since moved, our premises are now located in Plaza Laietana 15, 08203 Sabadell. *

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