Grassl Glass Caskadia España

Founded in 2018, Grassl Glass is a brand of glassware designed in Switzerland and made in Slovakia. Led by the dynamic Alexander Mackh, there are two ranges of mouth-blown glasses which offer the complete package for enjoying all styles of wine. Our partnership with Grassl Glass began in 2020 and we handle distribution for the Spanish market exclusively. What are the principles driving success at Grassl Glass? The harmony between traditional craftsmanship and functional design and aesthetics. Both the Elemental Series and Vigneron Series aim to maximise wine appreciation through the principles of elegance and usability. Each glass is crafted by hand using a wooden mould; a skilled process which has been taught and perfected in house over a twenty-year period. Grassl Glass is now represented in over twenty countries and is used by leading producers such as Dominio del Águila, Fazenda Prádio, Alain Graillot, Stella di Campalto and Jean-Marc Roulot. Whether you’re a private client or in the restaurant trade, please contact us for availability and pricing.


The Versatile from the Elemental Series is a hand-blown glass that can be used to enjoy red, white and sparkling wines. Measuring 214mm high and 90mm across, it is ideally proportioned and durable for every day use.


The Grassl Glass Champagne is tulip shaped to capture delicate aromas and to concentrate the release of bubbles in sparkling wines. It is also well suited to sweet wines, and measures 214mm in height with a maximum capacity of 310ml.


Grassl Glass’ Carafe is elegant, light and durable, and be can be used for lightly aerating reds, whites and bubbles too. It’s a must have from the Elemental Series, a fantastic accessory which we regularly turn to during tasting sessions.


The Minéralité is designed for light bodied white wines, it is also well suited to Champagne, sweet wines and all styles of Sherry. It is the smallest in the Vigneron series, measuring 92mm across with a capacity for 430ml. Each model in the Vigneron series is 230mm high.


The Liberté glass is larger than the Minéralité, holding 460ml yet with the same 92mm diameter. The extra surface area in the glass allows for greater aeration, it is therefore suited to fuller bodied, oaked white wines. It also works well with richer or older sparkling wines.


Holding 760ml, the 1855 glass is the largest in the Vigneron series and measures 110mm across. It is best suited to full bodied or young reds, which tend to be from warm regions with riper fruit characteristics. Its wide surface area allows intense aromas to express themselves fully.


The Cru glass is designed for lighter bodied or mature red wines because it is more closed, protecting delicate aromas from excessive aeration. This allows for precise, defined expression on the nose. It has a capacity for 670ml and like the 1855, is 110mm in diameter.


The Decanter, as light as a feather, is an absolute work of art. It can be used for aerating white, rosé and red wines if needed. The decantation process also separates any sediment before serving. It measures 150mm in diameter and can hold 1000ml.