Maggie Harrison’s War on Wine

Maggie Harrison, an innovative winemaker, is shaking up the wine world with her meticulous blends and challenging long-held beliefs about winemaking. Recognized for her unconventional approach, Harrison has garnered acclaim for her wines that blend synesthesia and painting with traditional concepts of taste and aroma.

Harrison, known for her enigmatic personality, runs the Antica Terra winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Despite her apparent disinterest in social interaction, Harrison opened her doors to an exclusive tasting experience. In an industrial setting, she presented a selection of renowned French wines before introducing us to her most distinctive wine, the pinot noir Antikythera, which grows in a peculiar vineyard in the region.

This unique wine defies conventions, offering an intense and unique sensory experience that evokes colors and deep emotions in those who taste it. Harrison’s winery has earned the devotion of elite sommeliers and celebrities like LeBron James and Pink.

Harrison’s story is one of transformation, as she initially pursued a path in conflict resolution before discovering her true passion for wine. Her winemaking approach resembles that of art, considering wine more of a cultural creation than a natural product.

Author: Alex Halberstadt, July 4th 2023.
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